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Happy Mother's Day

Updated: May 11, 2020

Today is Mother's Day I wanna take the time to thank my mother for being the best mother a child could have and always being by my side supporting me. Growing up I watch my mom work so hard to take care of her 4 boys. We would notice how my mom was always taking care of the house and working hard to bring home the money to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table the most the time's when my pops would go away to serve jail time for things he did. My pops only served jail time like twice for a year or so and during those times my mom would be so strong and have so much on her plate and take care of it all and keep everyone good. I never spoke on this to my mother but I noticed so much from her that turned into knowledge to take with me to be a man and take care of all my responsibilities and my household someday when I have kids.

Like my mom would get up early get ready for work, then get us all up and get us ready for school. You know shower, clothes, and breakfast then turn around go to work for 8 to 9 hours working hard. Come home to help us with our homework cook dinner and clean up after us as we play and have fun with each other. Day in and day out working 24 hours for her family. My Mom is the real MVP and thanks to her for all you have done for us all. Mama, I love you and I'm thankful to still have you in my life and to be able to still talk to you and tell you I love you. Shout out to all the mother's out there this yall day Happy Mother's Day. And Happy Mother's Day to all the other mother's out there that also at times have been like a mother to me Granny, Auntie Natarsha, Grandma Roy, Grandma Anderson, Mrs. Yanes, Ms. Julie, and the wonderful mother of me Rhonda Wiggins I love yall and thank yall so dearly for all the love yall blessed me with over the year's and HappY Mother's Day to All the mother's.

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