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"Always Stay Tru'to the Star within you"

Tru'  Starz

Tru' Starz Clothing is all about being yourself and never being afraid to let your light shine bright and making a positive difference in the world for the betterment of us all while Alway's Stay Tru' to the Star Within.

We are all Tru' Starz and our clothing is here to bring the Tru' Star out of you and let it shine bright letting the world know you stand on Staying Tru' to the Star within You.

Tru' Starz Clothing


 Unique Urban Street-wear

Tru' Starz it speaks for itself tru' starz

 Clothing 2

my blog

Hi, I'm Troy Anderson Jr. the owner of Tru' Starz Clothing here to tell you a little bit about why I created Tru' Starz Clothing. Tru' Starz Clothing came about me trying to create a business for myself to help me create a better life for myself, my family and the world. Tru' Starz Clothing was my inspiration to myself to rise up out the darkness I was experiencing before Tru' Starz Clothing was created. I had got shot in my back and was left temporarily paralyzed as result of the gun shot. I was having a hard time going through the process initially. I fell into such a dark place. The life that I knew was shattered and I was left lost trying to pick up the pieces and put my life back together. After experiencing 2 in a half years of this I got tired of being stuck and looking for someone to save me and said I was gonna save myself and recreate a better life for myself. So I said I was gonna work really hard towards my full recovery and create a business that will help me bring in money to live life more freely and abundantly. I had a chat with my best friend about it and discussed my aspirations to creating a clothing brand he helped me come up with the name Tru' Starz because we felt like it represented us so beautifully and authentically. So I choose to go with it, it was perfect and it was a name other's can relate to as well because we are all Tru' Starz in our own right. Tru' Starz Clothing became my way to inspire others to rise through whatever they may go through because we are all Tru' Starz and we all have something to give to the world to add to the world and make the world a better place. I personally want you to know that I know your a Tru' Star and your special in your own right and I want you to never forget that. I'm thankful to still be alive today in a better place creating a better life of thyself letting my light shine like the Tru' Star I am! Thank you for visiting our Store and shopping with us and letting me know you know your Tru' Starz . Thank you for all your support and love.  Blessings to all Ayyyyy Tru' Starz !

tru' starz clothing

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