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Yes All lives matter but we can't say that until Black lives matter. We just wanna be treated equally like all other human being because we are all human beings. We want the world to see and understand that in order for all lives to matter we must value love and accept black lives and view their lives just like all other lives and give them the respect they deserve and are worthy of . Black people are apart and play a major part in all lives and the human being kingdom has a whole. We're tired of being treated less than because we have color on our skin that still doesn't change the fact that we are still human beings just like everyone else. We didn't ask to be colored we happened to be born with it and it's just apart of us just like the color of your skin rather it be white, brown, grey, red, blue or any other color we are all human being's when we bleed our blood is the same. When we speak our language is the same, when we breathe we breathe in and out the same air. We are worthy and if all lives matter than BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO! So yeah I support and I stand brown / black and proud because we matter ! We are valuable we are people we are human beings we are one ! Blessings , peace and justice and love ! You wanna make a difference in this world start with you!

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