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My Humble Beginnings Working

My journey started around 10 years old working with my Pop's. He had his own Carpet Cleaning business called All Clean Carpet Clean it was my first job working as his helper. My job consisted of setting up when we arrived at jobs getting the equipment out of the car I could carry, moving furniture around , filling up the machines with water and chemicals, scrubbing patches in the carpet before hand, holding the holes and more lol. It was quiet a experience working with my Pop's he use to have me work so hard and diligently and them traits carried on with me with all my jobs afterwards. I enjoyed working with my Pop's but he didn't always pay me in cash, his favorite saying use to be "Did you eat today breakfast, lunch, and dinner" I would reply yes he would then go on to say "Well you got paid today son I work to keep food on the table and a roof over your head you got paid really good if you had 3 meals today lol" , when I was younger I use to get in my feeling's about it I didn't understand it and I wanted to make actual money so I could buy things I wanted. I would still go to work with him I didn't have a choice at the time but that was definitely a recurring theme that I kept bringing up Pop's I want to make money too then one day he told me" You wanna make money go find another job or start a business of your own". I was probably around 12 by this time so I said ok cool then I'm gonna go find a job that pays me real money lol, so I went to Giant and applied to work their. They told me I was to young to work and I would need a work permit at the time you had to have been at least 14 to obtain a work permit from schools. So I continued to work with my pops until I turned 14. November came around for my 14th birthday boy was I excited about being able to go get a job and work and gain money. My Pop's had builded a burning desire within me to wanna work and do my own thing and make money. So on my birthday I went back to Giant with the work permit and told them I'm ready to work and I'm of age. I guess the manger liked what I was saying because I got hired that same day making 6.50 a hour as a cashier. I was so excited I now got a job and I'm making money to buy the things I wanted which at the time was mainly clothes and shoes and to have money to buy things when I wanted them. Working in Giant I realized that a lot of the things I've learned from watching my dad and working with him I could use in this field too and it will help me to get more hours and a bigger pay check. This was only the start though like I said my Pop's helped me build a burning desire within me to wanna work and do my own thing and make money. I thank my Pop's for his part he played in my journey he really helped me a lot at the time I didn't notice it until later in life, he built my work ethics and showed me how to work hard and diligently for what I want I'm still doing a lot of the things he taught me to this day.They where valuable lessons that I wasn't able to grasp until later after maturing a bit.And that's how it all started and the journey just keep going now I'm building my own brand Tru' Starz Clothing and I know my Pop's would be proud of me.

Thank you for taking the time out to tune in. Tune back in tomorrow for another one stay blessed and continue to let your light shine Ayy Tru' Starz

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