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The Present

Yesterday is gone, the future is too far ahead , all we have is the moment of the present. Live it , enjoy it and create more beautiful moment's of the present. The present is a wonderful gift blessed to us don't get caught up in thinking to far ahead for it hasn't come yet and we still don't really know what's to come of it. Instead live fully in the present and make the most of each moment in the present one step at a time one day at a time. I was watching "The Last Dance Documentary" in the last episode and in it Michael Jordan said how do I know if I'm gonna make a shot that I haven't took yet that to far ahead , I only focus on the present and what I can control. Jordan was only focusing on giving his all in the presence and making the greatest moments of the present, Look at it today Jordan made history he did amazing things and created a legendary legacy all because he stayed present and made the most of his presence. All it takes is action right now in the presents not tomorrow and not yesterday all we got to do is focus on today. Do something today for you because the present is so beautiful .

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