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Where all on different journey's playing the game of life.

To be alive today means your already winning in this game of life. Not everyone makes it and people tend to forget that we were one out of thousands of sperm cells and we are the one's standing here today alive and well contributing to the world's history and future making our own marks in this world. That's a blessing in it's on right not everyone gets an opportunity to experience life and not everyone makes it through life. Life comes and goes so let just enjoy it while we still have a life and are able to still be apart of life. And when we see people winning at there game of life respect it and honor it because we all just wanna win in life and we don't know all the struggle they went through to get themselves to the point where their winning in their collective life. So respect the game and keep contributing to your winning in life because we are only given one life and it's best to make the most of it and continue to win in life because like I said in the beginning if your alive today your already winning in life now go enjoy your day and continue to win in your blessings. Shine bright Tru' Starz shine bright. Also everyone have different views on there particular version on what winning in life is too them and that's perfectly fine. Yall don't know how much I miss walking on my own two feet and how much of blessing it is to be able to just walk on your own to feet. Live and enjoy yours.

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